Our code of conduct is the ethical foundation for everything we do.


ICTSI has grown to become one of the world’s leading port management companies, with a presence in 20 countries across six continents. Given the different and often challenging environments in which we conduct business, ICTSI places great emphasis on exemplifying the highest standards, in order to maintain the excellent reputation we have built up through our commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity.

Despite the global spread of ICTSI’s people, offices and operations, the company is uniformly guided by its mission and values. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of honesty and integrity, and respect and abide by the laws of every country we operate in. Our Code of Business Conduct serves as a statement of ICTSI’s beliefs, values and commitments, and covers matters relating to employee relations, honest and ethical business practices, accuracy of books and records, conflict of interest, securities trading, fair business practices and anti-trust, confidential information and data privacy, and compliance with local laws. The Code is implemented and rolled out to all our directors, senior managers, employees and business partners. Adherence to the Code is monitored by our Compliance Officer under strict observance of ICTSI's Compliance Program.



ICTSI is determined to uphold the principles of sustainable development in its operations. Our activities and initiatives are documented in our Annual Sustainability Report. This Report also covers ICTSI's underpinning principle of Good Global Citizenship, which guides our relationships and actions. ICTSI is committed to a principled corporate stewardship of its people, customers and corporate resources and of the environment. ICTSI is also dedicated to substantive development partnerships, where both communities and sectors are empowered. ICTSI’s long-term and overarching vision remains fixed: ensuring that the broadening impact of genuine Good Global Citizenship keeps pace with the company’s expanding corporate footprint.

Global Principles on Human Capital

ICTSI is a global container terminal developer and operator that fundamentally supports the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We recognize our role within our local communities and the privilege of operating within our host economies. This role demands the highest ethical standards and commitment to protect the welfare, safety and human rights of the people who are at the core of ICTSI’s business. ICTSI’s Global Principles on Human Capital ensure that the company upholds its responsibilities to the people and the communities where it operates. Throughout ICTSI and in all our corporate actions, we are committed to a clearly defined set of principles encompassing respect for human rights, diversity and inclusion, health and safety, fair remuneration, freedom of association and collective bargaining, work-life balance, and human potential and capability.

Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy

ICTSI conducts its business in compliance with applicable anti-corruption laws, and maintains policies and procedures designed to promote and achieve compliance with such laws as well as with the anti-bribery obligations outlined in ICTSI’s Code of Business Conduct.