To make ports around the world drivers of positive change and sustainable growth.



To build and operate efficient and sustainable origin and destination gateway terminals in markets where we can leverage our competitive strength and create long-term sustainable value.



ICTSI's commitment to our partners and communities began more than three decades ago in the Philippines. Our projects and terminals now extend across six continents and are anchored by many of the same founding values that have underpinned our sustainable approach to growing our business and our host 

Respect for All

We place the utmost importance on safety, community and diversity. The well-being and health of all our stakeholders is our number one priority. We strive to have the highest standards in place to ensure our people and stakeholders are safe, respected and treated fairly.


We lead with integrity, respect and compassion for our people, partners and communities and our environment. We take great pride in working responsibly to earn trust and to keep it.


We are a diverse and inclusive company working together and exploring new ways of doing things to deliver the best possible outcome for all our stakeholders. As a responsible business, we embrace equality of opportunity and empower all our people to adapt, collaborate and innovate across borders.


Our people work tirelessly with the utmost determination to achieve their goals and deliver on commitments to partners, stockholders, host communities and the environment.


We are pioneers in an industry with deep linkages to the host economies and communities in which we operate. Our people relish the challenge of exploring new opportunities, operating terminals, creating sustainable benefits for our host communities and protecting the environment, while also delivering returns to our stockholders.